The studio

Family Day Recordings is a boutique, high-end recording studio located on the beautiful car free island of Søndre Sandøy, Norway. A truly unique recording experience, where you can isolate yourselves and focus on your craft. You live and work at the studio, which resides in a 19th century wooden villa, the only distractions being a boat ride/fishing, a forest walk or a home cooked meal. Award winning producer Bendik Markovic Toming, owner and builder of Family Day Recordings, wishes to grow this family and invite bands, artists and producers from all over the world to enjoy the land and the sound of the Island.

The studio is a "one big room" solution. This is because we believe the key to making great records is perfect communication. It's also a lot more fun. The room is large and wooden so it sounds amazing and it's treated to have specific acoustic zones. The room features many great instruments and a focused collection of recording equipment. For us it's the perfect environment to work in.


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